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Watch Free MLB Live Look-ins and Highlights on iPad or iPhone with Full Count App

Want to be able to watch live MLB action for free every night on your iPhone or iPad? You’ll want to check out the new Full Count app. Full Count is a bit of  a rough hybrid between NF’L’s Red Zone and ESPN’s Baseball Tonight. You’ll get live look-ins and highlights with coverage typically beginning at 7PM ET and running throughout the evening. It’s almost exclusively highlights and live look-ins, but there is the occasional feature on fantasy baseball, interview, or other content from

Unlike NFL Red Zone, I’d find it difficult to sit and watch Full Count all evening. I’d prefer more live look-ins and little less highlights of previous games. After watching Full Count for about an hour, especially early in the evening, you might find yourself fed up with repeated highlights. As the evening wears on, and more action takes place, the experience is more enjoyable for longer periods.

For the fans that don’t want to drop the big bucks to, but still want to be able watch some baseball on their mobile devices, Full Count is a pretty nice alternative. So far this season I’ve found myself jumping into Full Count several nights a week for about 20-30 minutes just to catch up on scores and highlights. The app is free, so there really is no reason for any baseball fan not to download and check out Full Count.


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