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Essential MLB Baseball Apps for iPhone & iPad in 2012

Now that the 2012 MLB regular season is underway, you’ll need  the best mobile apps to follow the action all summer long. Here are the essential iPhone & iPad apps for MLB fans in 2012.

MLB At Bat (iPhone & iPad)

Year in and year out the MLB At Bat app is the premiere baseball app and 2012 will be no exception. With MLB At Bat 12, you’ll get live streaming home and away audio of every MLB game. There is also the “Free Game of the Day,” which gives live streaming video of one game each day throughout the season. (Note: These are rarely “premiere” matchups). Condensed games, breaking news, standings, schedules, rosters, and stats are also part of the package. You’ll be able to customize the home screen with your favorite team. PREMIUM subscribers will be able to watch all out of market games. For the single price of $14.99 (or $2.99 / month) you’ll get full access on all your iOS devices. (Note: the app is free for Premium subscribers)

iPhone: At Bat –

iPad: At Bat –

mlb-at-bat-12-2  mlb-at-bat-12-1 Full Count (iPhone & iPad)

If you don’t feel like popping for the Premium subscription, you can still get live “look-ins” and highlights on your iPhone or iPad.  Follow baseball live daily beginning with the first pitch through the last out. Free.

iPhone: Full Count –

iPad: Full Count –


Topps Pennant (iPhone and iPad)

The Topps Pennant app (formerly known simply as “Pennant”) delivers baseball stats and play-by-play history with a fantastic interface for the iPhone and the iPad. $1.99

iPhone: Topps Pennant – The Topps Company, Inc.

iPad: Topps Pennant – The Topps Company, Inc.

Bill James Baseball IQ (iPhone)

The Bill James Baseball IQ app brings Sabermetrics to your iPhone. The app displays detailed statistical analysis for the previous 4 seasons presented in visual form. Features include Hit Locator, Hit Zone, K Zone, Discipline, Pitch Locator, Pitch Profile, Batter Comparison, and Batter Pitcher matchups.

In the example below, you can see the “Hit Zone” for Dustin Pedroia over the 2010-2011 seasons. You can filter results to show only a players performance against certain pitch types (curves, fastball, etc.), and performance during certain counts.

The app is free and and stat-loving baseball fans need to check out Bill James Baseball IQ.

Download Bill James Baseball IQ from the App Store.

bill-james-4  bill-james-5 At the Ballpark (iPhone)

Are you a season ticket holder or attend a lot of games?’s mobile companion for the Major League Ballparks includes offers and rewards for fans, ballpark maps and directories, schedules, ticket information, parking, and directions. At certain ballparks you can even order food and drinks through the app. Free.

Download At the Ballpark –

mlb-ballpark-1 mlb-ballpark-2 Beat the Streak (iPhone)

If you are good enough (or lucky enough) to pick one MLB player who will get a hit in each of 57 or more consecutive days, you could win $5.6 million. It’s fun, it’s free, and it’s a whole lot tougher than it sounds. Free.

Download Beat the Streak –

mlb-streak-1  mlb-streak-2

Watch ESPN (iPhone & iPad)

If you are a TV subscriber to Bright House Networks, Time Warner Cable, or Verizon FiOS TV and you received ESPN as part of your subscription, you can watch ESPN’s live MLB broadcasts (plus all the other ESPN programming) with the WatchESPN app. Free.

iPhone: Download WatchESPN – ESPN

iPad: Download WatchESPN for iPad

watchespn Triple-A 2012 (iPhone)

The official Triple A baseball app delivers news, scores, rosters, and, even pitch tracker for all 30 MLB Triple A affiliates. Follow rising stars and prospects for your favorite MLB team. You can customize the home screen for your favorite team. Cost: $4.99

Download Triple-A 2012 – App for iPhone from the App Store.

milb-com-2012-2 milb-com-2012-1

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