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Import Your Favorite Major League Baseball Team Schedule into Microsoft Outlook

Are you an Outlook users who’d like an easy way to keep track of your favorite team’s schedule? Each Major League team has made available downloadable schedules that can be imported into many popular calendar programs like Microsoft Outlook’s Calendar.

First thin you’ll need to do is go to your favorite team’s website at Next, find  “Schedule” on the top menu, then select “Downloadable Schedule.”


On the downloadable schedule page, you will find a “Download iCalendar File” section. Highlight and copy the iCal URL.


Now, we will add the iCalendar to Outlook. We are using Outlook 2007 for our example. Other versions of Outlook may have slightly different setups, but you will find instructions on each team’s Downloadable Schedule page.

Open Outlook, and from the Tools menu, click on Account Settings.


Select the Internet Calendar Tab, then click the “New” button.


Paste the iCal location into the text box and select “Add.”


Enter a name for the calendar. This is how it will appear in Outlook in the Folder Name box. Click “OK.”


The calendar will be listed under “Other Calendars” with the name you chose (it does not merge with “My Calendar”).


Click to the select the Calendar and it will appear in the main window adjacent to your “My Calendar.”


The appointment window will give you the start time, probable starters, a link to watch via, and where to watch on local TV and radio.


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