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ESPN Fantasy Baseball 2012 App for iPhone & Android

Are you playing in an ESPN Fantasy Baseball League in 2012? If so, you may want to check out the free ESPN Fantasy Baseball 2012 app for Android and iPhone.

The ESPN Fantasy Baseball app allows you to perform the essential team management activities on the go like lineup changes, adds & drops, waiver claims, and trades. There will certainly be times when you will find yourself away from your computer and needing to make a lineup tweak or put in a waiver wire claim before the rest of your league gets a chance.

On the app’s home screen there is a steady stream of updated fantasy news, videos, and tweets from ESPN Fantasy gurus. You can also read and post messages to the league message board.

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The ESPN Fantasy Baseball App for 2012 is once again a passible but unspectacular offering. As in the past, it is nothing more than a complimentary aid to the browser version with a user interface isn’t the most intuitive. It allows you to do the essentials on the go, but not much else. Yahoo made significant strides in improving their Fantasy Baseball app in 2012, but ESPN seems to have made little if any improvements and feature additions. It’s free and provides the basics, so it’s at least worth having if you are in an ESPN Fantasy Baseball league.

I’ve read a lot of complaints about the lack of an iPad app, but frankly, I’m not sure there is any need for one. The browser version works just fine in Safari and it is a FAR better experience than using the mobile app on iPhone or Android. Even if ESPN made an iPad optimized app, unless they made significant improvements to the UI, I’d see no reason to use it.


Android: ESPN Fantasy Baseball App from Google Play or the Amazon App Store for Android

iPhone: ESPN Fantasy Baseball 2012 – ESPN

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