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Review: Fantasy Baseball Cheatsheet 12 for iPad & iPhone

We continue our analysis of Fantasy Baseball Draft apps by diving into the Fantasy Baseball Cheetsheet 12 app for iPad and iPhone. It’s coming out a bit later than some previous apps we’ve profiled, but it’s a fairly solid option for those in need of a fantasy baseball draft app.

Fantasy Baseball Cheetsheet 12 comes from the same people at 290 Design who were responsible for the NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet app that we reviewed last fall. Like some other previously reviewed Fantasy baseball draft apps like the RotoWire Fantasy Baseball Kit and Rotoworld Fantasy Baseball Guide, Fantasy Baseball Cheatsheet 12 allows you to actually use your iPad or iPhone to track and draft players during your live fantasy baseball draft. The app is available in the App Store for $0.99 for iPhone or $2.99 for the iPad version. (See download links below)

Setting Up Your League

Before you get too far into using the app, you’ll need to configure it for your league settings. You can set up multiple leagues (if you are involved in multiple leagues) and simply set to “active” the league for which you are currently drafting. You can use the app with Points or Rotisserie type leagues, but auction format isn’t available. You’re able to set the number of teams, number of rounds, statistical categories, available players (AL, NL, mixed), and roster spots.

The statistical categories available for offense include: HR, Batting Ave, RBI, Runs, SBs, Slugging, OBP, OPS, and Total Bases. Pitching categories include: ERA, W, Saves, K, Whip, OBA, Quality Starts, Loses, Home Runs Allowed, and Holds.

You can find the settings by selecting the gears icon at the top right. Another key feature you’ll notice in the image below, is the “Reset Draft Picks” button. This allows you to use the app for multiple leagues without  having to manually go back and undraft every player.


Next, you’ll want to decide whether to use the built in player rankings, average draft position, or enter your own custom rankings.


Custom rankings are done by drag and drop, so it can be time consuming to fully configure.



Once the app is configured for your league it’s ready for your draft. The standard layout for the app features player rankings on the left, your team on the right, a draft summary at the top middle, and latest news section at the lower middle.


Selecting a player from the rankings list brings up statistics (including 2012 projected), depth chart info, player news, and value ratings, which is presented as a visual chart of how strong a player is in each of the statistical categories. There is a search box at the top left if you can’t find a specific player.

When you select a player in the draft, hit the “check mark” either under the players name or along the bottom of the screen and he’ll be placed on your team. Select the “X” when a player is selected by another team. The padlock is for keepers, and the trash can (which I find to be a confusing choice of icons) is to undo a selection. For instance, if you inadvertently add the wrong player to your team, use the trash can icon to undo the move.


As you make picks, players in the rankings are marked with green checks for your team and red X’s for other teams. You can filter the rankings by position, or by draft status. You may find it help to filter by available players to avoid navigating the clutter of players already off the board.


The app also provides an updated depth chart for each MLB team. And, you can draft players directly from the depth chart just like drafting them from the rankings.



It’s basically just a tool to use for your live fantasy baseball draft. There isn’t much in the way of research tools and information, but it works very well for it’s purpose. It’s has a fairly nice UI (although it can seem a bit cluttered at times) and essential features like depth charts and customizable rankings. It’s at a lower price point vs some other fantasy baseball draft apps which helps make it a decent option for your draft day needs. One potential “gotcha” to be aware of is that the rankings only go up to 250, so for some bigger leagues, you may have to rely on depth charts to select some players not listed in the rankings. Having reviewed a handful of these mobile draft kits, I still find RotoWire’s Fantasy Baseball draft app to be the clear best of breed.

Cost: Currently $2.99 for iPad and $0.99 for iPhone


iPad: Fantasy Baseball Cheatsheet ’12 for iPad – 290 Design, LLC

iPhone: Fantasy Baseball Cheatsheet ’12 – 290 Design, LLC

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