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Fill Out Your March Madness Bracket on iPhone or Android with PocketBracket App

Much of the fun of College Basketball’s March Madness is centered on filling out a bracket and following during the tourney. PocketBracket app let’s you fill out your NCAA Men’s Basketball bracket on your iPhone or Android device.

Note: It’s now also available for Windows phones.

Whether you are a die hard college basketball junkie or you just happen to work in an office that has a yearly pool, there’s a good chance you’ll be filling out a bracket this year for March Madness.

The PocketBracket app allows you to fill out your bracket (or brackets) quickly and easily by simply taping on the team to choose the winner? Change your mind? Easy, just tap the other team.

The SmartPick option allows you to pick a team in a later round and it will automatically pick them to win the previous games. For instance, if you pick Kentucky to make the Final Four, it will fill in the previous games accordingly.

pockets-brackets-1  pockets-brackets-2  pockets-brackets-4

You can track your brackets throughout the tournament. Once the tournament begins, your bracket is scored and updated after each game. Create and join pools with one tap. From within the app, you can invite anyone to your Pool via Email, Facebook, or Twitter.


The iPhone version of the app will also work on the iPad, but there is no specifically iPad optimized edition. The app is very user friendly and easy to use. Of course, it requires everyone in the office to have an iPhone, Android, or Windows phone, and assuming that’s the case, it’s a pretty cool way to participate in March Madness.

Cost: $0.99


iPhone: PocketBracket: Men’s College Basketball from the App Store.

Android & Windows: As of this posting the 2013 Android and Windows apps have yet to be released, but you can check here on their website for the latest news and links when they are available.

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