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An Awesome Collection of Funny Tim Lincecum Commercials, Spoofs, and Videos

In honor of San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum getting the call for game one of the World Series vs. the Rangers, we take a look at some hilarious commercials and spoofs of the Giants long haired ace.

Previously, we looked at how Tim Lincecum bears a striking resemblance to Mitch Kramer (played by Wiley Wiggins) in the movie Dazed and Confused.

Tim Lincecum – This is SportsCenter

Tim struggles to find the right voicemail message in this ad for SportsCenter.

Tim Lincecum in MLB 2K9 Commercial

Tim mentors the video game version of himself for this EA Sports commercials for MLB 2K9.

“We throw inside when we have to, and we don’t listen to THAT.”

The Stoner Spoof of the MLB 2K9 Commercial

Playing off of Lincecum’s little legal issue where he was found in possession of pot, here is a spoof from of the previous commercial.

“I like Funyuns and ice cream.”

“Lincecum, F*ck Yeah!”

An hilarious song parody using the “theme” from Team America: World Police. (Explicit Lyrics. Translation: If you’re at work, turn the volume WAY down or use earphones fool!)

Lincecum Drops an F Bomb on Live TV

You already got a preview of this if you watced the last video, but here is Tim Lincecum dropping a big F bomb on a national TV audience after the Giants beat the Braves to advance to the NLCS.

Timmy and Bus

A series of trippy animated cartoons from Tauntr with Tim Lincecum and his talking VW Bus. You can check out episode #2, Phenoms below.

If you dug that one, check out:

Episode #1 – Escape from the Unicorn Club

Episode #3 – Double Double Rainbow

Episode #4 – Jerry Garcia Tribute Night

Episode #5 – World Series Preview

We just can’t get enough Tim Lincecum. If you know of any other Funny Tim Lincecum videos, cartoons, spoofs, or anything else, let us know in the comments!

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