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Review: Rotowire Fantasy Baseball Assistant 2012 for iPhone & iPad

It that time of year when fantasy freaks everywhere start gearing up for their fantasy baseball drafts. Fans have plenty of options when it comes to seeking help to navigate the minefield of constantly updating fantasy news. Today we’re taking a closer look at the RotoWire Fantasy Baseball Assistant 2012 for iPhone and iPad.

The first thing that may get your attention is the $9.99 price tag. It’s pretty high when compared to other apps, but you’ll want to keep in mind that RotoWire Fantasy Baseball Assistant 2012 is designed as an app to help you throughout the year, not merely getting ready for your draft.

The tabs / buttons along the lower left help you navigate your way through the app. The News section provides all the constantly updated news tidbits from around the major leagues. Along the top left you can sort the news by NL, AL, minor leagues, top news, and strictly injury news.

The main screen displays Top News, the three most recent blog posts, and the three most recent articles.

If you login with your Rotowire username and password you can take advantage of the “My Rotowire” section to create a custom “Watch List.”

(Note: all images below are from the iPad version)


Blogs and Articles are updated on pretty much a daily basis, and there is a ton of quality content here. What I really dislike about this section is that selecting the link of any players name annoyingly jumps you out of the app to the RotoWire website rather than pulling up their player info from within the app.


Selecting “More” at the lower left of the app brings up additional sections such as player rankings, closers, top prospects, expert advice, and recent debuts. Player rankings are broken down by position as well as overall rankings. Selecting the player on the left brings ups a player page with recent yearly stats, fantasy outlook, and Rotowire updates.


The Closers section, as you might expect, updates each teams current closer situations along with alternatives that may be next in line should the top closer faulty or suffer an injury. Selecting the name gives you recent news along with a health and stability rating.


Top Prospects gives you the top 103 prospects with detailed outlook, stats, and updates.


I’ve enjoyed the Rotowire Fantasy Baseball Assistant so far, but the $9.99 price tag for this app still seems rather exorbitant even though a full year subscription to Rotowire does run upwards of $39.99. I have a long time aversion to paying for fantasy baseball content when there is so much of it available for free online. That being said, this app is loaded with constantly refreshed content . If you are a tried and true fan of RotoWire’s advice, I think you’ll really love this app and all the content that it will deliver in one place. If you’d rather dig up your advice for free across the Internet, I certainly can’t fault you or that.


Download Fantasy Baseball Assistant 2012 for iPhone or iPad.

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