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David Letterman: Top 10 Worst Jeremy Lin Puns

The Late Show with David Letterman took on Linsanity and the absurd proliferation of Jeremy Lin related puns permeating society over the past few weeks. Here’s Letterman’s  “Top 10 Worst Jeremy Lin Puns. “

10. Lin-termittent Windshield Wiper

9. Law and Order: Criminal Lin-tent

8. Ange-Lin-a Jol-emy

7. Lin-ternational House of Lin-cakes

6. Newt Lin-grich

5. Lin-terest-Bearing Lin-vestment Grade Financial Lin-strument

4. Does This Look Lin-fected to you?

3. Jer-meat Sauce with Lin-guine

2. Kni-xual Lin-tercourse

1. You Gotta Be Lin it, to Lin it.

They weren’t kidding… those were pretty bad Jeremy Lin puns. Although, #4 made me laugh.

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