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Tim Duncan & Steve Nash Bridgestone Tires Quiet Basketball Commercial

This Bridgestone Tires Super Bowl 46 commercial features NBA stars Steve Nash and Tim Duncan using their basketball skills to demonstrate how quiet Bridgestone Tires can be.

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    If anyone knows, Is there an actual Bridgestone Quiet Basketball on the market for purchase.
    If so please verify.
    Bridgestone would sell a million of them.
    I’d buy one for my neighbor’s kid who plays for hours and the loudness of the ball bouncing/dribbeling can drive drive a person nuts after awhile.
    A Quiet basketball would give us the peaceful enjoyment of our home back to us once again.

    • Bjmstar98

      You can currently buy them on ebay

    • martykayzee

      This ball sounds the same as a regulation ball. Staples sells them online.