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Remember when Tim Lincecum was in the Movie Dazed and Confused?

Not really, but the similarities are quite astounding. The 1993 flick “Dazed and Confused” is a coming of age stoner movie set in the 1970’s. One of the films main characters, Mitch Kramer (played by Wiley Wiggins), is a high school freshman who is not only the pitcher on his baseball team, but also bares a striking resemblence to San Francisco Giants starting pitcher (and 2 time Cy Young award winner) Tim Lincecum.

It also doens’t hurt that Lincecum was popped for marijuana possession back in 2009.

and here’s a side profile….

Tim Lincecum is also reportedly not Marilyn Manson, or Paul from the Wonder Years. Want more Tim Lincecum? Check out our Awesome Collection of Funny Tim Lincecum Commercials, Spoofs, and Videos.

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