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Super Bowl Commercial Mobile Apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android

Some people tune in to the Super Bowl for the game and some tune in just for the Super Bowl commercials. If you are among the latter, here are a few mobile apps for Android, iPhone and iPad that allow you to view and vote on Super Bowl 46’s ads, and even watch commercials from past years.

 ADBOWL 2012 (iPhone, iPad, & Android)

This free app is available for Android, iPhone, and iPad. View the top 10 Super Bowl commercial from the past 10 years and follow the latest twitter buzz for this years new commercials. You’ll need to register to vote on your favorites (and least favorites), and to see the winners and losers. (Images below are from the iPad version) Free.

Download ADBOWL® for iPhone or ADBOWL® for iPad from the App Store

Download ADBOWL for Android from the Android Market

IMG_0485 IMG_0486 IMG_0487

Super Ads: Super Bowl Commercials (iPhone & iPad)

Features over 200 Super Bowl ads from 2006 to the present. Browse for your favorite ads by year or by brand. Share your favorite Super Bowl commercials by Twitter, Facebook, and email. Cost: $1.99

Download Super Ads: Super Bowl Commercials for iPhone or Super Ads: Super Bowl Commercials for iPad

super-bowl-ad-1 super-bowl-ad-2 super-bowl-ad-3

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