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NHL Hardest Shot iPhone & Android App Measures the Speed of your Slap Shot

Have you ever wondered how the speed of your slap shot measures up to best hockey players in the NHL? The NHL Hardest Shot iPhone app allows you to gauge your speed and see how you compare to hockey’s elite.

How it Works

You’ll need a puck and a stick (obviously), a smooth surface that measures between 20 and 40 feet, a tape measure or other device to measure the exact distance, and a solid target.  The app uses the built in microphone of the iPhone to listen for the sound of the stick hitting the puck, and then the puck hitting your target. (So a hockey net won’t work… it’ll need to be a wall or other hard surface.)

Using the app you enter the distance, place your iPhone off to the side somewhere between you and your target, and then take your best shot.

slap-shot-1 slap-shot-2 slap-shot-3

The app also includes video tutorials for hitting a great slap shot and video of hard slap shots. Cost: $1.99


Download NHL Hardest Shot™ for the iPhone from the App Store.

Download NHL Hardest Shot for Android from the Android Market

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