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Super Bowl XLVI Commemorative App for iPad with New York Giants and New England Patriots Season Highlights

Relive the path to Super Bowl XLVI by the Giants and Patriots with the Super Bowl XLVI Commemorative App for the iPad.

With the app ($2.99) you get video highlight packages from of each game, including the playoffs, on the road to the Super Bowl.  The video packages are fairly substantial, generally 3-5 minutes long, so they cover all the key plays of each game.

super-bowl-9 super-bowl-10

Each game also has a descriptive recap with stats and other data. The Super Bowl section has some preview clips along with a video recap of Super Bowl 42 between the Giants and Pats.

Also included is a Super Bowl timeline with interactive vignettes that give some background history of each Super Bowl contest.

super-bowl-11 super-bowl-12

This app packs a lot of quality content for the $2.99 price tag. They are even advertising additional content to be added after the Super Bowl. For Giants and Patriots fans, this is definitely an app you’ll want to grab. Price: $2.99


Download Super Bowl XLVI Commemorative App for iPad from the App Store.

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