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NFL Flick Kicker Game Review for iPhone, iPad, and Android

Every dreamed of being an NFL Kicker? The latest release in the “Flick” series of mobile games, NFL Flick Kicker, puts you in the shoes of an NFL kicker.

The goal of the game is to make kicks using your finger to flick the ball toward the uprights while keeping in mind the wind speed and direction. When the ball is in the air you can use right and left swipes to curve the ball in an attempt to correct an errant kick.

flick-kicker-1 flick-kicker-2

By reaching certain skill levels you can unlock additional game modes like “Coffin Corner,” which tests your ability to punt the ball out of bounds inside the 5 yard line. “Time Attack” challenges you to score as many points as you can by knocking out target areas in between the uprights in under 60 seconds, and “Hit the Uprights” is an extreme test of kicking accuracy.

flick-kicker-5 flick-kicker-6


NFL Flick Kicker combines strong graphics and gameplay and is challenging enough to keep you coming back or more.  You can even customize your kicker with your name and favorite NFL team uniform. The only issue I ran into was getting a little over aggressive with my flicks and constantly smacking my finger against the top of my iPad case. Buy hey, that’s not the game’s fault, it’s mine. Well worth the 99 cent price tag.


Download NFL Flick Kicker for iPhone or NFL Flick Kicker HD for iPad from the App Store.

Download NFL Flick Kicker for Android from the Android Market

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