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Best iPad Basketball Games

Looking for the best basketball games to play on your iPad? Check out this collection of basketball themed fun.


While not a true basketball sim, this arcade classic is perhaps the most fun of the mobile basketball games. For those not familiar with NBA Jam, it a two man game filled with high flying acrobatic dunks and blocked shots. Every NBA team is represented with a pair of their top players. Updated for the 2011-2012 season. Cost: $4.99 

Download NBA JAM by EA SPORTS™ for iPad from the App Store.



The one true current NBA sim available for the iPad. The game is much improved since last year and features all 30 teams, Season Mode, solid graphics, Jordan Challenge Mode, and commentary from Kevin Harlan and Clark Kellog. Cost: $4.99

Download NBA 2K12 for iPad – 2K Sports


Slam Dunk King

Use finger swipes and drags to dunk the basketballs and swipe away the bombs. Bonus points awarded for a variety of trick dunks and combo dunks. Multiple games modes. You can buy or earn coins to unlock additional courts, mascots, and basketballs. Surprisingly fun and addictive and a definite must download for any fans of basketball themed games. Cost: Free.

Download Slam Dunk King from the App Store.


Dude Perfect

If trick shots are your thing, you’ve got to check out Dude Perfect. Great graphics and addictive game play with multiplayer. Check out the game trailer below. Price: $1.99.

Download Dude Perfect HD – Black Box Interactive from the App Store.

Slam Dunk Basketball

Score as many points as you can in 90 seconds in the coolest way possible. Score clean shots, bounce balls off walls, off the top of the backboard and in other creative ways to boost your point totals. A variety of levels and multiplayer options. Cost: Free, with in-app purchase options for ad free version and additional credits.

Download Slam Dunk Basketball from the App Store.


Bombshot Basketball

A timed three-point shooting competition game. Knock down as many threes as you can during the time period but keep your eye on the wind and make sure you adjust your shot accordingly. Free with 0.99 Upgrade option for Full Version.

Download Bombshot Basketball from the App Store.


US Basketball HD

Shot hoops with some scenic American backgrounds. Classic Mode challenges you to make as many hoops as possible in the allotted time with bonus points for hitting birds, planes, and balloons. Unlock Horse and Hoops modes with in-app upgrade. Cost: Free with optional in-app upgrades.

Download US Basketball HD from the App Store.


Arcade Hoops Basketball HD

If arcade style hoops is more your speed, try Arcade Hoops Basketball HD. It’s simple, straightforward just like the arcade game. Use your finger to grab a ball and flick it towards the hoop. Score as much as possible in the allotted time. Free version or upgrade to full version for $1.99.

Download Arcade Hoops Basketball™ HD from the App Store.


Crazy Basketball HD

From the makers of US Basketball HD, Crazy Basketball HD is very similar in game play with some different features and backgrounds. Multiplayer option available. Free with optional in-app upgrades.

Download Crazy Basketball HD from the App Store.


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