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ESPN Fantasy Focus Theme Song Lyrics

If you listen to ESPN’s Fantasy Focus, you are no doubt familiar with their catchy theme song.  Fans are no doubt already aware it was written & performed by Eric Hutchinson. If you aren’t sure of the lyrics, well, here they are.

The song is used as the opening theme for both the Fantasy Focus Football & Baseball podcasts.

Fantasy Focus Lyrics


You’re in the 06010,

Fantasy focus


Twelfth most popular fantasy podcast show,

Fantasy focus

Nate Ravitz, the “Say Nay Kid”,

Matthew Berry, the “Talened Mr. Roto”,

Pod Vader, you’ll never win the Man’s League,

ESPN, what are you doing with these guys?

No wonder they won two* podcast awards,

All around the world,

Let’s put it on the board!


Fantasy focus.


Fantasy focus.

*The theme was slightly edited after winning a 3rd podcast award to include Pod Vader shouting “Three!” over the spot in the show where the song previously mentions “two” podcast awards.

Here is the song itself, complete with humorous video from five1three on YouTube. There doesn’t seem to be a download of the theme itself available on iTunes, but you can download Fantasy Focus Baseball or Football daily, Monday through Friday.

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