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Tim Tebow Apps for iPhone and Android

Tebowmania is all the rage in the NFL this season. Are you a Tim Tebow fan? Check out these Tim Tebow mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

NOTE: None of these apps are affiliated with Tim Tebow, the Broncos, or the Florida Gators.

Tebow (iPhone)

Get Tim Tebow’s tweets, Facebook updates, pictures, videos, news with this Tebow app. Available in the App Store (see link below) for .99.

Download Tebow App from the App Store.

tebow-2 tebow-3 tebow-4

iTebow (iPhone)

A humor based app that is displays Tim Tebow “facts.” They’re basically Tim Tebow versions of those Chuck Norris type “facts.” See the images below for an idea of what you’re getting with this app. As of this post, the app hasn’t been updated since his Florida days, so the humor may be a little dated. Cost: .99

Download iTebow (Tim Tebow Facts) from the App Store.

tebow-5 tebow-6

Tim Tebow Live Wallpaper (Android)

More than 20 Tim Tebow Wallpapers for your Android phone that change automatically every 5 minutes. Cost: .99

Download Tim Tebow Live Wallpaper from the Android Market.

tebow-8 tebow-9

Tim Tebow News & Stats (Android)

News and YouTube clips of Tim Tebow from both Florida and Denver. Stay connected with Tebow on Twitter and Facebook. Cost: Free!

Download Tim Tebow News & Stats from the Android Market

tebow-10 tebow-11

Tim Tebow (iPhone & Android)

tebow-1Get the latest from Tim Tebow and the Broncos and post to Facebook and Twitter. The app runs .99 for iPhone and $1.00 for Android version.

Android: Download the Tim Tebow App from the Android Market

iOS: Download Tim Tebow App from the App Store


Looking for wallpapers for iPhone? Check out these Tim Tebow iPhone Wallpapers.

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