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Watch Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers Thanksgiving Night NFL Live Online or on iPhone or Android

You’ve stuffed yourself full of Turkey and all your favorite trimmings and enjoyed the first two Thanksgiving Day NFL matchups and now you’re looking for a little NFL dessert in the form of Baltimore vs. San Francisco. If you don’t get the NFL Network (and a lot of people don’t), there are still a few ways to watch the Ravens and 49ers.

Watch Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers Online won’t have the entire game live, but they will feature Live Look-ins of the game broadcast along with instant game breakdowns and analysis from the NFL Networks studio. It’s not as good as watching the entire game on TV, but it’s not without it’s merits. Plus, they usually keep you in the live action for the final 4 or 5 minutes of the game.

Watch the Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers on


Watch on iPhone and Android

With the NFL Mobile app and Verizon VCAST subscription, you can watch every Thursday and Sunday Night Game (including Thanksgiving Night’s Ravens vs. 49ers game) live on your Android or iPhone.

Download NFL Mobile for iPhone – Verizon Wireless IT or NFL Mobile for Android from the Android Market.


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