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Brian Urlacher Official iPhone App

Chicago Bears star Middle Linebacker Brian Urlacher has released an Official App for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Among the app’s features is a photo section that has numerous photos of Urlacher at various events and interacting with fans. There are also numerous pics of his game room. (Spoiler Alert: The guy’s got a pretty sweet game room)

Brian Urlacher App 1 Brian Urlacher App 2

The coolest feature of the app is the ability to set a Wake-up message using one of 10 pre-recording audio clips from Brian Urlacher.

There is a “Films” section, but the only current offerings are videos of Urlacher sitting on a couch recording the Wake-Up call messages for the app.

A few sections require additional purchases. U-pic allows you to purchase an image of Urlacher that can be placed in a real photo from your phone’s camera. Another feature allows you to purchase music and movies from Urlacher’s “Playlist.”

Brian Urlacher App 3 Brian Urlacher App 4


There really isn’t much to this app at the present time, but it might be worth downloading just to have Brian Urlacher wake you up in the morning by telling you “Sleep is for the Weak.” Hopefully they will be adding more substantial content in the near future.


Download the Urlacher iPhone App from the App Store.

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