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NBA 2K12 Collection of Reviews for iPad & iPhone

There may not be an NBA season (not yet, anyway), but for those with an iPhone or iPad, you can play your own NBA games with NBA 2K12 for iOS. As of it’s release, NBA 2K12 is the only true NBA sim game in the App Store. Considering whether or not to buy? Here are a handful of reviews to aid in your decision making. 

NBA 2K12 runs $4.99 for the iPhone and iPod Touch version and $9.99 for the iPad edition (See download links below).


AppSpy on YouTube gives an overview of NBA 2K12.

Drake Technology

Another YouTuber with an energetic breakdown of NBA 2K12 for iOS.


A thorough (10 minutes +) review from mp4podcastDOTcom on YouTube.

Apple ‘N Apps

While it’s the only true basketball sim currently in the App Store, they give low marks for graphics, flow, and gameplay.

Overall Score: 2/5. See their full review at

Download NBA 2K12

iPhone: NBA 2K12 for iPhone – 2K Sports

iPad:  NBA 2K12 for iPad – 2K Sports

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