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Washington Redskins Powerboard App for iPhone and iPad

The Redskins Powerboard app for iPhone and iPad features a unique interface and pulls from a variety of sources including Redskins Rule, Redskins Team Insider, Redskins Bog, ExtremeSkins, and video from CSN Washington.

The iPad interface is especially slick and easy to use. Articles, Tweet, Images, and Videos are laid out almost like checkerboard squares. Select one to enlarge it and view the content. One minor bummer here is you can’t enlarge the video to full screen. Images, however, can be enlarged and are very nice high quality pictures that you can save to your device.

The settings button allows you to log into Twitter and Facebook in order to share with friends. It also allows you to turn off any of the content sources.


The iPhone version is more linear in it’s layout but has the same content as the iPad version. The app is very well done and sure to be a hit with any Redskins fan.

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Cost: Free


iPhone: Redskins Powerboard – SnapScores Inc.

iPad: Redskins Powerboard – SnapScores Inc.

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