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RotoWire Fantasy Football Assistant 2011 App Review for iPhone & iPad

RotoWire has released it new in-season fantasy football app for iPad and iPhone to keep you up to date with all the latest fantasy football news and information.

I was a big fan of RotoWire’s Draft app for iPad, so I was anxious to try out their new mobile app for in-season advice.

RotoWire’s website requires a subscription to access much of their fantasy advice and content.  A paid RotoWire account isn’t required to use this app, but you do have to register for a free account to use much of the content. Without the free registration, all you get is basic news & injury updates, blog posts, and a depth chart.


To register and get access to the rest of the app you are asked to enter an absurd amount of personal information including a phone number and home address. Yeah, really. That’s way too much personal info IMO. (I’m looking for some Fantasy Football information here guys, not a mortgage loan.) I just made up phony info and it allowed me to register. Fortunately, no email confirmation was needed.


Once you register and login, you’ll have access to a whole additional level of access on the “My Rotowire” tab. Here you can get weekly player rankings,  projections, a “lineup chooser” a “value meter” and the ability to create customized watch lists.

One note of particular importance. Be sure to hit the refresh or reload button on any applicable pages or you may be looking at old and outdated info. As you can see from the image below, Jamaal Charles (Out for the season) was still listed at #5 in the rankings. After hitting refresh, the list updated to display this weeks rankings.

This is a potential issue since many week to week rankings won’t vary greatly, you could be looking at old rankings and not realize it.


Other features like the Weekly Projections (below) are nice even though the “Lineup Chooser” told me to start Mike Williams over Dwayne Bowe despite the fact that the Projections show Bowe with the better stat line.



The app itself (as long as you are registered) is pretty good and has some nice features. The ability to customize player watch lists (you can create multiple lists) and get all the updated news and injury notes for your team in one place is certainly convenient.

If you don’t mind the registration, or you just use fake info like I did, you might really like this app. Personally, I don’t think it’s worth $5, but I have a general bias against paying for fantasy advice when there is so much of it out there for free.

As far as improvements, they need to do away with the silly registration stuff. I can live with requiring a username and password and even providing an email address. Requiring a physical address and phone number to access some extra fantasy football content in an app is completely unacceptable in this guy’s book. The app should also update all content automatically on startup, or at least prompt the user with a reminder to avoid any potential confusion. I only gave this app 3 stars mainly because the required personal info was so off-putting and the fact that you can get as good or better advice for free from guys like Yahoo’s Andy Behrens or RotoWorld’s Gregg Rosenthal.

Price: $4.99 for iPhone or iPad


iPhone: RotoWire Fantasy Football Assistant 2011

iPad: RotoWire Fantasy Football Assistant 2011 for iPad

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

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