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Get 2011 College Football Rosters with Jack’s Rosters iPhone App

Have you ever been at the stadium or watching a college football game online and  wanted to quickly look up a team’s roster? Jack’s Rosters bring the complete team rosters of every Division I College Football team to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Browse by team or conference, toggle between teams playing against each other, and sort rosters by number, name, ands position. Each roster is built into the app, so internet or network connectivity isn’t necessary to access the rosters.

roster-3 roster-2

Player profiles include jersey number, height, weight, hometown, and high school. There’s even a search feature.


Having the data stored locally makes the app quick and responsive, but if space is at a premium on your iPhone, be aware that the app will take up 7.1 MB.

Cost: .99


Download Jack’s Rosters from the App Store.

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  • Anon

    An average mp3 is about 6-8 MB, so space for this app is not an issue at 7.1MB. Especially considering that the smallest iphone you can purchase is 8GB or 8192 MB

    • Anonymous

      Thank you to the 3 commenters clearly affiliated with the app that all gave virtually the same comment in a 3 minute time span, but it isn’t rare for space to be at a premium when you download a lot of media and apps. I find it helpful to make readers aware of the trade-off of a local database.

      Yes, it’s a good app.

  • Guest

    This app rocks.

    And just so you know, the smallest iPhone comes with 8gb. So i don’t think that 7.1 mb is much of a problem. That’s about the same file size as a song.

  • Jose

    App is awesome.. works all the time because database is stored locally. 7.1mb is about the same size as one high quality mp3 music file.. the smallest iphone 4 you can get has 16,000mb!