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Patriots Football Daily iPad App

Looking for an iPad app to keep you up to date with the New England Patriots all year long? Check out the Patriots Football Daily app of the iPad.

Note: App is free to download and use during a 7-day free trial period. After the trial period, continued usage requires in-app subscription purchase.

Patriots Football Daily contains loads of content. All the news and articles from Patriots Football Weekly (Official Newspaper of the Patriots), Live video press conferences, Patriots radio, other videos and interviews, schedule, game day information and previews, and archived PDF editions of Patriots Football Weekly.

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The App is set to auto-refresh by default, but mine didn’t refresh until I manually did so. Patriots Radio is available in app and will play in the background as you multitask on our iPad.

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Subscription plans

12 months: $19.99 includes 30 issues of Patriots Football Weekly

1 month: $3.99 – can include 1 to 4 issues of Patriots Football Weekly depending on the time of year.


The layout and content are nice, especially all the video and audio clips. Definitely worth any Pats fan’s time to try it out. I loved the magazine style layout, but the content isn’t necessarily in chronological order, and there isn’t any form of contents page, so it makes a little tough to quickly find what you’re looking for. When searching for Tom Brady’s post-game press conference, I had to flip through about 5 or 6 pages before stumbling upon it. Some of the articles from sources like ESPNBoston and require you to leave the app, which can also be quite annoying.

Download Patriots Football Daily – New England Patriots iPad App

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