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Jacksonville Jaguars Tight End Marcedes Lewis Official iPhone App

Marcedes Lewis, the All-Pro Tight End of the Jacksonville Jaguars has just released own Official iPhone app.

We haven’t been hands on with this app personally, but the app claims to feature real time with News and information on Marcedes Lewis; such as Twitter feeds, Marcedes’s favorite tweets, photos, videos and questions and answers sent and answered by Marcedes himself.

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Find out and stay up to date with everything and anything happened about the Jacksonville Jaguars. Facebook, blogs, website, of both players and fans. Videos, news, scoreboard and much more. There is also an NFL tab with content for fans of other teams in the league.

The app also promotes a feature called “FanConnect” which purports to deliver “Live communication with fans from around the world based on lounges for all teams in  professional sports like football and basketball.”   Also, “Marcedes Lewis himself will drop in regularly and speak to the FanConnect users.”

mlewis-5 mlewis-4


The app will run you .99 from the App Stores. Download the Marcedes Lewis Official App and check it out for yourself.

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