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ESPN Bowl Bound App for iPhone and Android

Looking for the ideal app to track all the college football action in 2011? You need to check out ESPN Bowl 11 App for iPhone and Android.

The main home screen of the app displays college football’s top stories, with additional news and videos listed below. The scoreboard displays the Top 25 by default, but can be switched to display your favorite conference. Flip through the scores and select to bring up a box score and scoring summary.

bowl-bound-1 bowl-bound-3 bowl-bound-2

Loads of video highlights, ESPN video analysis and interviews. You’ll also get rankings, news, and an aggregated Twitter feed with all the ESPN college football analysts and accounts. The Bowl Central section keeps a running update for all 35 bowl games. I’m not sure why anyone would care about any of them but the National Championship until we hit Thanksgiving, but it’s very detailed and there if you want to read it.

bowl-bound-6 bowl-bound-4 bowl-bound-7

Want to focus on your favorite school or alma mater?  Choose from over 240 FBS and FCS team clubhouses complete with roster, schedule, stats, news, photos and video. The ability to deliver this much team specific content in one app really is a fantastic feature.

You switch back and forth between your favorite team and the general college football section by selecting the logo at the top right.

bowl-bound-11 bowl-bound-9 bowl-bound-10

App Version: 2.0.1


ESPN Bowl Bound is a generally very well done app and has loads of content, but it still could use a few tweaks to make it truly great. First, the Scores don’t seem to update automatically and there is no “refresh” button. So, I find myself jumping into other modules and then back to the scores section trying to get an update. They really need to add auto-refresh or at the very least a refresh button. I would also suggest conference standings and perhaps a Heisman Watch section for the second half of the season. Other than that, it’s pretty much got the bases covered. It’s far more in depth than the ScoreCenter app. iTunes shows a lot of negative reviews due mainly to force closes and other issues, but I only experienced one crash in the time I’ve used it, and none of the other issues like the app not opening, no sound, etc. Android version is much more positively reviewed.


Download ESPN Bowl Bound 2011 for iPhone from the App Store

Download ESPN Bowl Bound 2011 for Android

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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