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Who Are the Best Fantasy Football Experts?

When is comes to Fantasy Football, we all (or at least most of us) need a little help every once in a while. Whether it’s work, or family, or general events of life, we can’t always be on top of every move. So, who should we turn to for help? There’s plenty of voices offering up their two cents, but which of these Fantasy Football experts provide the best fantasy advice?

This is a question I’ve lightly pondered for years, but I never really put any time or effort in trying to come up with an answer. I’ve formed subjective opinions about certain fantasy football experts, but never sat down and tried to “prove”or disprove my opinions with real, substantial numbers. I didn’t even know how I’d begin to go about it.

I’ve watch ESPN’s Sunday morning Fantasy Now “pre-game” show on and off over the last few years. If you haven’t seen the program, it was hosted by Erik Kuselias (who has since left ESPN to join the Golf Channel) and featured among others, ESPN’s “Talented Mr. Roto,” Matthew Berry. Watching the show week after week it didn’t take me long to formulate the opinion that Kusilias’ picks and rankings were more accurate than Berry’s. This was purely subjective on my part and I had no concrete facts or stats to back it up.  Based purely on observation, I formed the opinion that if I was going to take the advice of one of them, it would be Kusilias. But was I correct?

So, when I decided to sit down and try to get some answers, I turned to everyone’s modern day genie with all the answers: Google. My first question was whether anyone had already tackled the question “Who are the best or most accurate fantasy experts?” That’s when I came across It’s a site which aggregates and rates fantasy advice from around the web.  Analyzing fantasy football experts is what they do.  Boom.


Best Week to Week Advice

So far, have pulled and ranked fantasy experts weekly advice over the last two years. How exactly did they do it? It’s quite detailed, but you can read up on their exact methodology here. Check out their charts to see how all the experts they tracked faired over the 2009 and 2010 seasons. They even do more in depth analysis of the Top 5 finishers in 2009 and Top 5 in 2010. They do a real solid job of explaining why each expert placed so high in the rankings.

But what about year over year? I would gravitate towards the advice of those who have provided a consistent track record. Here are the three that I’ve identified that have performed the best over the two seasons.

  1. Andy Behrens (Yahoo! Sports) – He finishes 3rd overall in 2010, #1 in 2009, and 10th overall in the 2010 draft. That’s a top notch performance. You can read his columns at Yahoo,  follow him on Twitter @andybehrens, and listen to him on the new Yahoo Sports Radio Fridays from 8-10PM ET.
  2. David Dodds (FootballGuys)  – I must admit, I wasn’t familiar with Dodds’ work before, but that might change now. 5th in weekly accuracy in 2009 and #2 overall in 2010. Top top it off, he was #2 in 2010 Draft accuracy. Dodds consistently hits it out of the park. You can find the work of David Dodds at (Note: It’s a subscription site in which most of the content requires a paid subscription)
  3. Gregg Rosenthal (Rotoworld) – You may also know Rosenthal as one of the contributing writers for Neither he nor Rotoworld as a whole were charted for Draft accuracy, but he finished in the top 10 for weekly accuracy in 2009 & 2010. You can find Gregg at Rotoword, on Twitter, and he also co-hosts the Fantasy Fix Live online each NFL Sunday Morning at 11AM ET.


Gregg Rosenthal and Erik Kusilias were two experts that I’ve followed in previous years and thought gave good fantasy football advice. basically confirmed that both are solid performers. Kusilias wasn’t exactly a top performer, but he was, as I had guessed, more accurate than Matthew Berry. For what it’s worth, I really do enjoy listening to Berry’s ESPN Fantasy Focus podcast.

I also found it interesting that scored so low. I haven’t used them in many years, but 10 years ago or so when there weren’t a ton of Fantasy Football outlets online yet, I used to purchase their draft guide on a regular basis. Maybe they’ve had a couple down years, or maybe their advice has always been sub-par and I never realized it!

My advice? I’d definitely recommend checking out

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