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Sports Illustrated Football Rivalries App for iPad, iPhone, and Android

Who are the greatest football rivalries of all-time? The answer may be debatable, but Sports Illustrated has chosen their top 10 college and pro football rivalries and brought them together in app form for iPhone, iPad, and Android (Coming Soon).

The iPhone and iPad apps, which have already been released, are visually stunning and loaded with great content. Eight of the ten rivalries are from the college rankes, while the Cowboys-Redskins and Packers Bears are included from the NFL.

The 10 featured rivalries are:

Texas vs. Oklahoma
Auburn vs. Alabama
Florida vs. Georgia
Cowboys vs. Redskins
Army vs. Navy
USC vs. Notre Dame
Packers vs. Bears
Ohio State vs. Michigan
Cal vs. Stanford
Kansas vs. Missouri

Interactive timelines allow you to scroll through history, stopping to read up on some of the major highlights.


Included are some wonderful, classic photos like this one of a scrum during the first Auburn – Alabama game in 1893.


Some articles feature video clips like this one of the 1950 Snow Bowl in Columbus, OH.


“By the Numbers” provides a statistical overview of the rivalry with and interactive slider that displays the outcome of each season as you scroll right and left. There is also a trivia quiz to test your knowledge of the rivalry.


The iPhone version has a different layout and doesn’t quite have the incredible visual appeal of the iPad version, but it’s a great app nonetheless.

si-rivals-5 si-rivals-6

Here’s a quick SI produced video overview:

App Version: 1.0


The iPhone app is nice, but the iPad app is phenomenal. I found myself completely immersed reading through this app and reliving the history behind these classic rivalries. If you are even the least bit into the history of football, go download this app right now and enjoy. It’s a pretty solid bet to make our end of the year list of top sports apps for 2011.  One thing to consider. The app is big. 18 MB for the iPhone version and 81 MB for the iPad. Something to keep in mind if you are hard up for free space on your device.

iPhone: Sports Illustrated Football Rivals from the App Store

iPad: Sports Illustrated Football Rivals HD from the App Store

Android: Download SI Football Rivals from the Android Market (Coming Soon)

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