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Sporting News Free iPad App with Tons of Content and Live Scoring

The Sporting News has released a new free app that delivers personalized sports news exclusively to your iPad.

Gone is the Sporting News Today format that required users to fork over $2.99 per month for a subscription. In it’s place is a free app that delivers great content and a very enjoyable user experience on the iPad. This magazine style app features “editions” which are updated every morning at 5 AM and 5 PM, but readers also get live scores and some breaking news throughout the day.

If you login using Facebook or a Google account, you can customize the app by setting favorite teams, organizing the order in which the sports appear, and choosing a TV provider to get local sports on TV updates. (Although my local TV provider was not listed)

sport-news-1 sport-news-2

The integrated Twitter feeds at the end of each section are a great feature. You’ll find sports media members, bloggers, and athletes compiled in one section along with recommended links. There is also some video content, although I didn’t see very many videos. Maybe it’s just the edition I’m currently reading…

sport-news-4 sport-news-3


The layout is very nice and the snapshots are fantastic. I found it took a little time to get the hang of navigating around the app. You can “flip” through it like a standard magazine or pop around like a website. When clicking around the app I found myself losing track of where I was and having to return to the contents page to get my bearings. There is a bit of “lagginess” as you scroll through the screens, which isn’t ideal and should be improved, but certainly not a dealbreaker. Even though you can re-order the specific sports in order of interest, I’d like to see an option to remove certain sports altogether. It’s free and definitely worth checking out.


Download Sporting News for the iPad from the App Store

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