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Follow Your Favorite NFL & College Football Teams & Players on Twitter with SportCaster App for iPhone and Android

Twitter has changed the way we as sports fans interact with players, teams, media, and even other fans. SportCaster is a customizable app that delivers personalized a selection of tweets of your favorite NFL and College Football teams. And, you don’t even need a Twitter account to follow along and use the app.

From Sportcaster’s home screen, you can jump right into the conversation and start reading tweets related to College Football and the NFL. You also have the option to strictly track fantasy football related tweets in the Fantasy section.

Note: Images are from the iOS version, Android may vary slightly. 

sportcaster-1 sportcaster-3 sportcaster-7

Select a game from the box score (in the Schedules section) and you can follow all the Tweets relating to the two teams as they are happening in real-time during a game.

sportcaster-5 sportcaster-8

In the app settings, you can personalize exactly which kind of tweets you’d like to receive. So, if you are an Atlanta Falcons fan, you can choose to only get tweets about the Falcons. You can choose whether or not you want tweets from players, other fan, or news related tweets. The News tweets can consist of the entire league, just the NFC South, or just the Falcons.

sportcaster-2 sportcaster-4


This is a concept I really like and I’m a little surprised someone hasn’t addressed sooner. The user interface is slick and easy to use. The customizable options are a fantastic addition that really put this app over the top and make it a great download for football fans. It’s also a good tool for discovering new Twitter accounts to follow. By signing in with your Twitter account, the app will allow you to retweet, retweet with comment, and replay to Tweets, but doesn’t appear to provide a way to initiate your own tweets. Being able to personalize a section that filters only your favorite players or your fantasy team would be a killer addition to an already strong app.

If you like combining Twitter with watching sports or just want at way to easily filter only the football tweets, you’ll definitely want to download SportCaster.

Reviewed App Version: 1.1


iOS: Download SportCaster: Football, Scores, Twitter, Fantasy News from the App Store

Android: Download SportCaster from the Android Market.


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