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Yahoo Fantasy Football App for iPad,iPhone, and Android

Are you in a Yahoo Fantasy Football League? Yahoo has mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android, but whether you want to rely on them, or even use them at all may be a different story. 

iPhone and Android

Yahoo Fantasy Football ’11 gives you the basics, and you can see all of your Yahoo leagues (if you have more than one). To edit your lineup, select the edit button at the top, and then drag and drop your lineup changes. Fantasy Football would be a cool addition if they actually worked. On Android, we just get a message that the videos cannot be played.

yahoo-1  yahoo-3 yahoo-4

You don’t get a ton of features, but you can see standings, matchups, and add / drop players.

yahoo-2yahoo-5 yahoo-6

iPad Version

The iPad app looks nice initially with videos and fantasy articles, but we weren’t able to get the video to play. We were left with a black screen. No audio. No video.


The layout is nice, but about all you can really do with this app is change your lineup. In what seems almost impossible to imagine, there doesn’t seem to be a way to add / drop. Yeah. Really. (Update had added a way to add / drop) The live scoring worked but not dynamically. I had to exit and re-enter to get see point updates.

Plus, the games time & quarter information stopped working at some point (in the 4th quarter, most players were still being shown as being in the first quarter), and their is no way to see stats. Ok, so my RB has 6 points. Did he score a TD? How many yards rushing does he have? Receptions? I had to jump into another app to actually see my player’s stats.



I’ve long looked at Fantasy apps as a supplement to the computer browser version. In other words, as long as they perform the essentials that I might need in a pinch, like changing my lineup, performing add / drops, and viewing the scores, I’m cool with that. The further we move into the mobile world, however, the more features and functionality we as players demand from our apps. I don’t believe we are far away from Leagues and Commissioners choosing their Fantasy platforms (Yahoo, ESPN, NFL, etc.) based on who has the best mobile platform. If that does indeed become the case, Yahoo is in trouble.

The Android & iPhone apps take care of the basics and they are easier than using a mobile browser.That’s where the good stuff ends. Anyone who has used any Yahoo leagues with any fantasy app has probably come across the login issues, and those issues still exist. Login problems can be cleared up by simply logging into your Yahoo account on a computer, but this is annoyance they need to fix and haven’t. If you are out and about and need to login and make a roster move and can’t log in, it’s a problem.

Yahoo needs to step up their game and add features like trades, reading and commenting on the message board, and a decent mobile version of Stattracker. When other apps like Fantasy Monster have more features than your own app, it’s time to look in the mirror.

UPDATE 9/17/2011 – They’ve added the ability to add / drop in the iPad app with an update, but it’s still not a substitute for using the browser version. 

UPDATE 10/4/2011 – Added projected points.

The iPad app is just pointless. It’s a far inferior user experience to just using the Safari Browser. The app is limited in what you can do and even excludes some essential functionality. If there is a way to add/drop on the iPad version, I can’t find it. It has video, but I wasn’t able to get any of them to play. I’d suggest features, but this app is so far away from being relevant it would be a waste of time. This feels like an app produced simply for the sake of saying you have an app for the iPad. The browser version is a little sluggish on the iPad, but I’ll take a little sluggishness as long as I get the functionality.


iPhone: Yahoo! Fantasy Football ’11 – Yahoo!

iPad: Yahoo! Fantasy Football ’11 iPad – Yahoo!

Android: Download Yahoo Fantasy Football 11 from the Android Market

iPhone & Android Version:

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

Reader Rating: [ratings]


Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ 

Reader Rating: [ratings]

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