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DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket Online Service Begins the Season With a Poor Performance

I chose not to purchase the NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go this season mainly because I think the the $350 price tag is too high. I’m glad I stayed away. From reports, the experience so far has been somewhat of a disaster.

DirecTV made NFL Sunday Ticket available online to non-DirecTV customers last season and expanded that offering this season to include live streaming with PlayStation3. On the surface, this sounds like a good thing, but early results are overwhelmingly negative. goes so far as to call it “Embarrassing.”

According to multiple accounts, the PS3 didn’t work during the early NFL games and a CNET review says there was an hour and a half period of time yesterday afternoon where they got no games at all. Apparently the PS3 issues cleared up somewhat during the later games and DirecTV stated through it’s @DIRECTVService Twitter account that customers who purchased through the Playstation Network will be issued a credit. According to, the credit will reportedly be $24.99.



Gregg Rosenthal of ProFootballTalk and Rotoworld writes that he didn’t subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go online service this season because there were streaming issues every single week last year. He also says that at PFT they received reports from “countless readers” yesterday that the online To-Go service was “unwatchable.”

As Rosenthal points out, NFL has shown with their Preseason Live service that they are ahead of DirecTV technologically when it comes to live streaming. I can confirm that the NFL has it’s act together when it comes to streaming services. Every NFL online streaming product we’ve reviewed from Preseason Live, to Game Rewind, to Audio Pass has been top notch. If the NFL decides to take the online streaming of Sunday Ticket away from DirecTV (we aren’t holding our breath) it would surely be a win for the fans.

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  • Me

    I’m glad the PS3 users got to see the later games. However, I have yet to hear from someone w/ a PC who was able to get it to stream. I was one of those people who could not get it to work. From about 12:15p – 7pm I tried constantly to logout, log back in, called DirecTV….it never would work. The button on their website that says “start watching” was always greyed out. My guess is that they sacrificed us PC users to eventually get the PS3 users some bandwidth.