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College Football Scoreboard App for iPhone and Android

Need an app to keep you up to date with the latest college football scores? Check out the College Football Scoreboard app for iPhone or Android.

The app is nicely designed and very simple.  The Top 25 is displayed by default, but you can scroll right or left to pull up the scoreboards for different conferences or Independents. You’ll also see a scroll along the top with score updates on Saturday’s or any other time games are being played.

cfb-1 cfb-3

There is tab for the latest college football news (although there does seem to be some NFL news mixed in). You can look at upcoming schedules. In the settings you can change the default scoreboard from Top 25 to your favorite conference. In the iPhone version you can even add or remove conferences from being displayed.

cfb-2 cfb-4


Pop up adds on the free Android version are intrusive and annoying, but you can rid yourself of them by upgrading to the premium (Plus) version. There isn’t really anything more to the app, no stats or additional information. It’s a one trick pony of an app, but it does perform that one trick very well. If you are heavy into college football it’s worth a download and maybe even the premium upgrade if you find it fits you needs. Others may prefer one of the general scoreboard apps like ESPN ScoreCenter or Sports Tap, or Yahoo Sportacular.


iOS: Download College Football Scoreboard (free) for iPhone or College Football Scoreboard Plus(ad free) for $0.99

Android: Download College Football Scoreboard from the Android Market.

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