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NFL Planning to Bring Mobile Content to Tablet Devices

Imagine being able to catch the NFL Network or NFL RedZone on a tablet device? According to the Wall Street Journal the NFL is pursuing plans to bring NFL content to tablet devices in the near future.

“The NFL will be on a tablet,” said Brian Rolapp, the NFL’s senior vice president of media strategy. “It’s a question of what shape or form. We are currently talking to Verizon about it.”

One would have to assume this would be something like (if not exactly like) the NFL Mobile app currently available to Verizon subscribers.

I’m not sure what the NFL’s thought process is in limiting distribution to a single carrier rather than having content available, for say iPad, and any other Android or other OS-based tablet that may emerge, but that seems to be the model they are looking to follow.

You can read the entire post at the Wall Street Journal Online.

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