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New York Jets Official Mobile App for iPhone & Android

Are you a die hard New York Jets fan with an iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android phone? You’ll want to check out the new Official New York Jets app just in time for the 2011 NFL season.

This app is another great effort by the developers at YinzCam and is along the same lines as there other NFL team apps featuring a Home screen with the latest game information, news, and media, with pop-up navigation options.

One very odd thing is that a Verizon Terms of Service message pops up on the screen the first time you open it and requires you to select “OK” to use the app. Wouldn’t be so odd if we were actually using Verizon, but we’re using an iPod Touch… Kind of gives you an uneasy feeling about the app right off the bat.

jets-1 jets-2

Plenty of Multimedia content like press conferences, interviews, photos, and other news.

jets-4 jets-3

There is an interactive Depth Chart to go along with stats, injuries, a schedule, scores, and social media. You can also track your fantasy players from within the app.

If you are attending the game, you’ll also have access to some exclusive content by connecting to the stadium WiFi.

jets-6 jets-9

The inclusion of the videos is always a great feature, especially since you’ll be able to follow all of coach Rex Ryan’s ever-interesting press conferences.



All of the YinzCam produced apps are among the best NFL team apps and this one is no exception. All the apps features (except the in stadium features, which we couldn’t test) worked well. There are a few minor things we’d add like a roster (in addition to the depth chart) and maybe the ability to set & receive alerts, but overall it’s a typically solid release from YinzCam and one any Jets fan will be happy to download and use. We aren’t sure what the deal is with that Verizon TOS message when first opening the app, other than it’s sponsered by Verizon, but that doesn’t explain why someone on an iPod Touch has to agree to Verizon’s Terms of Service.


Download the Official New York Jets iPhone app from App Store or iTunes or Android Market.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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