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Bobby Bowden Disputes “Dadgum” Charges: Discovery Card Commercial

Former Florida State Seminoles Head Football Coach Bobby Bowden calls “Peggy” to dispute 5 “Dadgum” charges from Miss Prissy’s Cat Emporium.

Check out this humorous Discover commercial with former Notre Dame head coach Lou Holtz.

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  • Anonymous

    Coach Bobby Bowden is absolutely great in this commercial…especially his fishing boat named “Bump n Run.” Dadgum! I usually skip over commercials since I tape most programs, but this commercial actually made me stop and find out who the sponsor was. Discover credit cards! I have seen many of Discover’s commercials with their “outsourced” support people, but it never got my attention and I had no idea what the commercial was selling.

    Now, I know it is Discover!

    Outstanding marketing! Go Bobby!