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Review: Madden 12 for iPad

The annual Madden release happened August 30th for all platforms, including iOS devices. We grabbed ourselves a download of the iPad version and pulled together our thoughts.

Note: My experience is on the iPad 2.

When you open the game the first time, you need to register or login to “Origin.” I tried to get around it but apparently it’s required. The “Help” section has some pretty nice tutorials to get you started on the right foot. If you haven’t played on the iPad before, I’d suggest checking it out. Game Modes include Exhibition, Season, Playoffs, and Quick Play. There is no multiplayer.


I didn’t spend a lot of time analyzing them in depth, but as of August 30th, the rosters seem pretty accurate. All the Free Agents are on their new teams.


Calling plays is straightforward. You can choose from Basic or Advanced play calling.


I played with the Eagles exclusively on “Rookie” level and found it pretty simple to beat my opponents. Passing was quite easy. I was completing 70-80% of my passes every game. Running was another story. I don’t think I or the computer had positive rushing yards in any game.


When passing you tap the red, green, and yellow spots on the field to throw to your target receiver. Green means the receiver is open, yellow is somewhat covered and red means covered. Even when indicated red I still had a lot of success completing passes to DeSean Jackson.


Some aspect of the realism leave a lot to be desired, but I didn’t find them to detract too much from the game play. Tackles often result in the ball carrier cartoonishly stumbling backwards after getting hit as if he were a drunk who just ran into a brick wall. Sometime the players fall backwards even after getting hit from behind.


You can create your own “hot routes” and customize player movements on defense as well, which is a fun addition.



This iOS version of Madden is not going to make serious Madden players forget about console games, but I still found it pretty fun. I did spend a limited amount of time with Madden 11 for the iPad and really didn’t notice any significant game play differences in Madden 12. The controls are still a little difficult to work, and at times seem unresponsive, but not really enough to completely kill my enjoyment. It’s a solid game, and the graphics are nice, especially on the iPad 2, but it doesn’t compare to the awesomeness of NBA Jam when it comes to sports games.

The price point ($9.99 / iPad and $6.99 for iPhone) might turn off some people, and if you aren’t a serious Madden fanatic, you might want to stick with Madden 11.

Download MADDEN NFL 12 by EA SPORTS™ For iPad or for MADDEN NFL 12 by EA SPORTS™ for iPhone from them App Store.

Rating: ★★★¼☆ 

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