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Manage ESPN,, & Yahoo Fantasy Football Leagues with Fantasy Monster Pro for iPhone, iPad, and Android

Are you looking for an app that can manage your ESPN,, and Yahoo Fantasy Football Leagues? You may want to check out Fantasy Monster Pro for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Note: All the images below are from the iPad version of the app.

To get started, you’ll need to enter your login credentials for all participating leagues.  If you join additional leagues later, you can enter those credentials by selecting the “logout” button. This will pull up a login screen with, Yahoo, and ESPN login boxes.

Logging in to Yahoo from pretty much any Fantasy app, including their own, always seems to be an issue. It’s no different with Fantasy Monster. The solution seems to be to log into your Yahoo account on your computer browser and then try to log into the app, but obviously, that’s not always possible to do in a timely fashion.


You can edit your lineup with simple drag and drop, but don’t forget to “Submit.”


You can propose and accept / reject trades….


Player news, injuries, transactions, etc. This can be filter for the entire NFL or just your fantasy team. Some of the ESPN notes require an ESPN Insider subscription for more detail.


Team notes and message boards are available for viewing and posting new messages.



We plan on updating this post with a more thorough review once the season begins and we get a chance to experience it during a “real” week. So far, it does essentially all the things you’ll need to manage your fantasy teams from a mobile device. The kicker will be how it performs on Sundays. I can’t say I’m overly thrilled with the visual style, but that’s not really a big deal. Functionality is so much more important than form. The iPhone and Android version will cost you $2.99 and the iPad version runs $4.99. (See links below)

There is also an available upgrade to Fantasy Monster Pro, which manages football, basketball, baseball, and hockey leagues. But, before you consider an upgrade you need to realize that the PRO upgrade only allows you to use ESPN and Yahoo. If you are an user, don’t upgrade!

iPhone: Fantasy Football Monster ’11 – Yahoo/ESPN/ manager

iPad: Fantasy Football Monster ’11 HD – Yahoo/ESPN/ manager

Android: Fantasy Football Monster 11 for Android

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