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Fantasy Football Draft Magnate 2011 App Review for Android

The height of the Fantasy Football draft season is fast approaching and it’s time to get serious about draft prep (if you haven’t already). We’ve taken a look at a handful of iPad and iPhone Fantasy Football draft apps, such as Rotowire and  NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet 2011, and now we turn our attention to Android with the Fantasy Football Draft Magnate 2011 App.

Fantasy Football Draft Magnate 2011 is a premium ad-free app with a price tag of $1.99 from the Android Market.

To get started with the Fantasy Football Draft Magnate 2011 App, enter League Draft settings like number of teams, rounds, and your draft position. You’ll want to add the teams in the order in which they are drafting. You can use the app for multiple drafts simply by creating a “New Draft” for each new league.

The App also gives you the opportunity to customize the player rankings. (Make sure you “Save” by hitting the Menu button on your phone and tapping “Save.”)

magnate-drft-1 magnate-9

As the draft progresses you follow along with the selections and select a player “Draft”under each player as they are picked. Assuming you are following along in order, each player will be placed on the correct team. You can sort by rank, ADP, name, and team, and filter those rankings by position.

You can also place players you are targeting in the “Queue” and then view players in the queue with the filter button.

magnate-6 magnate-drft-3

I’ve heard from a number of people wanting  a fantasy football draft app with the ability to indicate which team picked which player, as opposed to simply categorizing them as “My Team” and “Other team.” Well, here you go. As the draft progress, each player is placed on the appropriate team (assuming you are following along and entering results correctly). View players by Fantasy team or round.

magnate-8 magnate-7

Also included are quick and easy “Cheat Sheets” by each position.



Fantasy Football Magnate 2011 is not the most visually impressive app, but it’s the functionality that’s important. It’s got some really key features such as the ability to customize the rankings, sort by position, and tracking which team drafted which player. My leagues all utilize a draft board, so it’s a lesser feature for me, but I can understand it being a desired feature for many. Final draft results can be exported, but it doesn’t appear to have the ability to do so via email, only html and csv. You can sort by ADP, rankings, or by name or by team. Unfortunately you can’t add your customized scoring system and there are no baked-in, pre-set rankings for PPR and other common formats. It’s up to you to either accept their rankings or manually set your own.  If you can live with the pre-ranking, or have the time to fully customize your own, and are in need of an Android Draft app, the Fantasy Football Draft Magnate 2011 may just fit the bill.  Note: The developer also touts “Free annual updates.”

Download Fantasy Football Magnate 2011 from the Android Market or by scanning the QR Code below.


Rating: ★★★¾☆ 

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