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Golfshot Golf GPS App for Android iPhone and iPad

Are you looking for a killer Golf GPS app for your iPhone, iPad or Android phone?  We’ve wanted to cover some of the top Golf GPS apps available from various mobile platforms and recently ran across this great review of Golfshot: Golf GPS from Tim’s Tech Blog. 

According to Tim’s review, the yardages were dead on accurate and the aerial view is a killer feature. There is no subscription fee. You pay one price and get access to thousands of courses and updates are free. One thing to be wary of is the effect on the battery life of your device.

Seriously worth $30.  – Tim’s Tech Blog

Want to know if your favorite course is available before you buy? Check out the searchable database of included golf courses. It even includes some dinky executive and par 3 courses in my area, so the chances are pretty good that your favorites will be included.

Download Golfshot: Golf GPS for the iPhone or Golfshot: Golf GPS for the iPad from the App Store.

Download Golfshot for Android from the Android Market.

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