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Draft Board for Fantasy Football iPad App: Display Your Draft Board on Your Big Screen TV

Have you ever wished you could display your fantasy football draft live picks and results on your large screen TV? Or, maybe display them on a screen or wall with a projector? If so, you’ll want to check out the Draft Board for Fantasy Football iPad App for this year’s draft party.

UPDATE: Draft Board for Fantasy Football has been updated for 2012 with added color coding by player position and some additional draft order options. If you purchased the app last year, you can update the app for free. 

What You Need

  • iPad w/ Draft Board App
  • WiFi
  • Laptop or other computer w/ web browser
  • Computer & iPad (must be connected to the same network)
  • Large Screen TV, or projector connected to your computer for output dispay

How it Works

The App is designed to work only with Snake-style and Straight drafts. (Not auction-style) Each member of the league makes their selection on the iPad with the Draft Board for Fantasy Football App. The selections are displayed in a web browser, which you display on your TV or other output device. You can also use the app simply to run your draft even if you don’t wish to display the results or don’t have access to WiFi in your fantasy football “War room.”


The first task is set up your draft. Enter your teams in the order in which they will draft.


Next, you’ll enter your league name, number of players per team that will be drafted, and time limit for each pick. If your league doesn’t set a time limit, don’t worry, you can pause the timer as needed, and even go back and make a selection if time runs out.


You can can choose to display an introductory message on the screen before the draft begins. A simple welcome message, some rules, notes, or other information. This is also where you will find the URL for your Draft Board. Copy the URL and enter it into your web browser. When you are ready to start the draft, select “Show Draft Board” and then “Save.”


Here’s how it will appear on your TV or other output.



When it’s time to begin, select the “Play” button at the top left of the App and get ready to make a pick. You can sort by Rank or First Name, or filter players by position.


You’ll have the opportunity to confirm the pick or change your mind and cancel.


After you’ve confirmed your pick, hand the iPad to the next player. For more draft day realism you might want to consider a podium!


A few moments after making the pick on the iPad, your selection will be displayed on the TV / monitor for everyone to view.


If time expires before you make a pick you get a “Time Up!” message.


If this happens, you’ll see a “Make up a Pick” button. Select it, then the team name, and then make a player selection.


As your draft progresses, teams selections are display on your TV or other output device.


You’ll definitely want to have a large screen TV. I choose to output on a smaller 26 inch TV and the names were quite small by the end of the draft and tough to read from more than a few feet away.


“Change Settings” allows you to undo the last pick, change or rename teams, switch between the draft board and your welcome message, and even restart the draft. When the draft is over you can email the rosters from the app to everyone in the league.


The Draft Board for Fantasy Football is a solid app and a great concept. It’s ad free and comes with a $4.99 price tag. I ran through a couple quick mock drafts and everything worked very smoothly. The app is very responsive and live results are displayed very promptly. I did experience one crash, but when it happened the timer automatically paused, so when I re-opened the app I could start back up where I left off with no time lost. You also have the ability to pause the timer if you need a break for any reason.

The IT Support guy in me still suggests a dry run before your draft party just to make sure everything works fine and the output display is optimally configured. As long as you are comfortable connecting a laptop to your TV or projector, you should be good to go. We tested in both Google Chrome and Firefox with no problems.

The only issues I had were very minor. The sort by name filter arranges by first name instead of last name, which isn’t a huge deal but it’s less than ideal. Also, a search feature would be a welcome addition.


You can download Draft Board for Fantasy Football from the App Store / iTunes. For support, email help @

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