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NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet 2011 iPad App Review

Trying to decide which iPad app to use for Fantasy Football Draft? We continue our look at iPad Apps for your Fantasy Football Draft as we review the NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet 2011.

UPDATE: Check out our review of the 2012 NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet App

Previously, we reviewed the Fantasy Football Draft iPad apps released by both Rotowire and Rotoworld. So, how does NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet 2011 stack up? Pretty darn well.

The NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheets 2011 app ($4 .99  – Download link below) is visually impressive and allows you to display a lot of data on one screen. You’ll find player rankings displayed to the left and draft details displayed to the right.


You have a variety of filters and sorting options, including the ability to create your own customized rankings. Use these options to create your desired “cheat sheets.” The built-in sorting options include Projected Fantasy Points (Calculated by your league scoring system), Value Based Drafting, Ave. Draft Position (from – includes Tiers in the rankings), and Average Auction Value.

Naturally, you can also sort by position, Status (All, Available, Drafted, Wish List, etc.) and Keepers.

Looking for a specific player? Try the search box.


One of the first things you may want to do is add custom league settings. You do that with the “Settings” button at the top right.


The app is loaded with customized scoring options, including bonus points and scoring for Special Teams returns and Individual Defensive Players (IDP).


When you select a player from the list(s) or “cheat sheet” on the right, a great deal of information is displayed to the right, Symbols are displayed directly below the players name and along the bottom of the app. Tap the check mark to select the player for your team or the “X” if the player was selected by another team. There is also a “Star” to place players on your “wish list” and the circle with the slash to return to the draft summary screen.

To undo an action, such as change the draft status of a player or remove a player from the wish list, you tap the trash can symbol on the bottom. This is somewhat unintuitive and took me a bit of playing around to figure out.

From the image below you can see the amount and quality of information displayed about each player. Positional depth chart, up to 3 years of past stats plus 2011 projections, and player news updates. You can scroll through some of  the sub-sections like Player News to see more content. It even displays the schedule with opponents defensive rank vs. pass and run.

Note: I love the “Consistency” rating as I am a big believer in week to week consistent production over total overall season numbers.


The “Lock” Symbol along the bottom of the app is used to set up Keeper Leagues. Select a player, then the “Lock” and then “My Team” or “Other” team.


The Depth Chart button gives you complete team depth chart, latest team notes, and an injury report.



There is no denying that NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet 2011 is an impressive app, but it does come with a small learning curve. It’s loaded with bells and whistles but it’s not the most intuitive app and it can take a little time to get comfortable using it. (Note: We’re not talking days here, but you’ll want to take maybe 30 minutes or so to use it before heading off to your draft) The amount of content displayed on a single screen can be great, but at times it can also feel a bit cluttered. One issue we noticed the keyboard seemed to freeze in place at times when setting up league settings and not allow you to scroll down to settings hidden below the keyboard. We needed to back out of the settings and come back in to finish setup. Annoying, yes, but not a major issue. We experienced no other bugs or crashes while drafting. Also, there doesn’t seem to be a way to export or email your team when you’ve finished drafting.

When it comes to choosing an app to use on draft day, you can’t go wrong with NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet. It’s a great app. You may also want to check out our review of Rotowire’s Fantasy Football Draft Kit 2011. We give both NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet and Rotowire similar high marks. Deciding which is better will come down to personal preference. I slightly prefer the simple and intuitive layout of Rotowire to the stylish, but sometimes cluttered feel of NFL FF Cheat Sheet. I’m sure plenty of fantasy footballers will prefer NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheets increased league customization options and amount of data displayed on a single screen.

There is also an iPhone version of NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet 2011 available for $2.99. I wouldn’t want to manage my draft on an iPhone, but it could be very useful during the draft just for it’s content.


Download NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet 2011 for iPad from iTunes or the App Store.

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