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Get Rotoworld Fantasy Football News on Android or iPhone

Are you a fan of Rotoworld’s Fantasy Football news and information site? If so, you might want to check out these methods for accessing their content on your mobile device. 

Rotoworld Fantasy Football Android App

We should note that this is not an official Rotoworld app, it merely pulls the content from the Rotoworld site.

With this app, you’ll get a feed of the latest fantasy news straight from Rotoworld. Select the headline to get a brief snippet of the article. You’ll also have the option below the post to delete the item, mark as read, email the article, and move forward and backward through the other articles. There is also a right to left scrolling display of the articles along the bottom so you can scroll through other articles without going back to the main screen.

rotoworld-1 rotoworld-2

Unfortunately, if you want to read the full story you are forced to do so on a non-mobile optimized site. There are plenty of options in the settings, including Notifications, selecting ringtone for notifications, choose update interval, and more.

rotoworld-3 rotoworld-4

Rotoworld Mobile Website

If you aren’t a fan of the app, or you don’t have an Android phone, you can check out Rotoworld’s mobile optimized website at Or better yet, go directly to the Fantasy Football news on Rotoworld’s mobile optimized site. We actually vastly prefer this method. Make a shortcut on your Home Screen to the mobile site and use that shortcut icon instead of the app.

So, how do you make a shortcut? Create a Home screen shortcut on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad by selecting the bookmark button in the Safari browser, choosing “Add to Home Screen,” & give the shortcut a name.

For Android devices, create a shortcut in your browser just like  you would do for any site. Next, press and hold your Home Screen or the Menu button. This will pull up the options menu. Select shortcut, your chosen browser bookmark, and the bookmark itself.



We’re not big fans of any app that forwards you to a non-optimized content, but in this case, the introductory snippet often provides just enough information to be useful for fantasy owners. We could see this being a very useful tool for getting those critical Sunday Morning injury and lineup updates. You can’t set the automatic updates to anything less than 1 hour, which is fine during the week, but on a Sunday morning you’ll probably need to rely on manual updates. The notifications are a cool option, but in our experience, they only worked for about a day before they stopped. The app is free and ad-supported, but there is also an ad-free “Pro” version. In our experience, we still find Rotoworld’s mobile site to be the superior experience regardless of your phone’s platform.

Download Rotoword Fantasy Football 2011 for Android or access the Mobile Optimized content in your web browser at

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