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Are you playing in an Fantasy Football League in 2011? If so, be sure to grab the Fantasy Football app for iPhone or Android.

You’ll need to join or create at least one league before you do anything. You can actually create a league directly in the app. We didn’t try this approach, however, we did it the “Old fashioned” way… on a computer.  (You can track multiple leagues from the app.)

Note: Screen Shots below are from Apple iOS. Android may vary somewhat.

On the home screen you’ll also see icons for “Research Tools” like Advice, News, Injuries, Rankings, Projections, and Trends. Some of these are important to any fantasy football manager (like news and injuries) . Most of these are useful or at least interesting. The one that irks me is the “Advice.” Not that the content isn’t useful, but it takes you out of the app to the mobile website, which is pretty annoying.

nfl-fant-1 nfl-fant-2 nfl-fant-3

Lineup adjustments are made by selecting the player in the lineup you’d like to replace, and then selecting a replacement from the available players on your roster.

nfl-fant-5 nfl-fant-6

You can pick up a players on waiver by pressing the player icon at the top right of your team page. Players can be sorted by best available, leaders, or by performing a search by name. You can also offer trades by selecting a player or players on another team that wish to trade for.

A Game Center within the app will also provide live scoring updates on game day.

nfl-fant-4 nfl-fant-7 nfl-fant-8

As is the case with the ESPN Fantasy Football App this year, Fantasy Football app is a big improvement over last year. One thing I couldn’t help but notice is that getting around in the app can be a bit confusing. The navigation is far from intuitive. The app has a lot of nice features, but it takes a little time to get comfortable with where certain pages and features are located.

As with most fantasy apps, the Fantasy Football 11  app will do all the essential things you would need a mobile app to do, but probably won’t blow you away with features and content.  If you are playing in an league this season, this app should satisfy you.

Download Fantasy Football 2011 for iPhone from the App Store or for Android from the Android Market.

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