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Rotoword 2011 Fantasy Football Draft Guide iPad & iPhone App Review

It’s the time of year to start getting serious about your fantasy football draft. Rotoworld has released their 2011 Fantasy Football Draft Guide App for iPad and iPhone. Should you use it in your draft prep? We take a closer look.

UPDATE: Check out our review the 2012 version of the Rotoworld Fantasy Football Draft Guide.

The Rotoworld Fantasy Football Draft Guide 2011 is available for $4.99 in both iPhone and iPad optimized versions.

When you open the Rotowire app you are greeted with an explanation of some of the symbols. On the left, you have player rankings which includes player picture profiles, team logos, and other data like position tier, ADP (Average Draft Position), Overall Rank, and Bye Week.


Select a player on the left to pull up their full profile in the main window on the right. You’ll get the 2011 Outlook and any recent news updates below the update. You can also search for players in the search box at the top left.


You can sort the players displayed on the left by choosing the “Sort” button and choosing display options like All QB’s ranked by PPR format. We found this to be a little cumbersome at first, but after you get the hang of things, we found it works pretty well.

Also use this during the live draft to filter drafted or undrafted players.


During your draft, select the checkmark on the player profile to indicate he’s been drafted, select the “Home” to indicate you’ve drafted him on your team, and the star is for favorites. Use the sort tool to pull up all players marked as favorites. After you’ve begun selecting players, the My Team tab will display the players you’ve picked.


The Fantasy news section bring you a constantly updated feed of the latest fantasy related news. It’s basically the same feed you’ll find on their website.


You’ll also get up to date depth charts for all teams.


You can update the data in the setting, but that is about all you can do. Unfortunately, there is no way to customize the rankings or the scoring system with anything other than basic settings like Standard, PPR, TD only, etc. There is also no way to export any data, such as draft results.



Rotoworld is an OK app, but seems to be more style over substance.  It seems caught somewhere in between a Draft Guide and Draft Management Tool and underwhelms in both categories. It’s clearly inferior to Rotowire’s Draft app when it comes to managing your Fantasy drafts, and as a draft guide it certainly isn’t going to blow you away. They refer to “cheat sheets” for every position being included in the app, but it appears those cheat sheets are just the ability to sort by position and rankings in the panel along the left. It’s definitely not an ideal way to reference players during a live draft.

Another issue is that after using this app to track drafted players, there doesn’t appear to be a reset button to place everyone back to “undrafted” status. Thus, if you want to use it again, it appears you’ll have to manually go back and “undraft” every player. Not good if you are in multiple leagues. (UPDATE 8/22/2011 – This has been fixed in Version 1.1)

The inability to customize rankings or customize your leagues scoring system also hurt this app.

Unless you are a big fan of Rotoworld who has used their services in the past and swear by their analysis, I’d look elsewhere. Frankly, we feel RotoWire Fantasy Football Draft Kit 2011 blows the doors off this one.

Reviewed Version: 1.0

Download Rotoworld Fantasy Football Draft Guide 2011 for iPhone or for the iPad for the App Store or iTunes.


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