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Add Fun San Francisco Giants Props to your Photos with Humm Baby App for iPhone

Ever wonder what you’d look like with Brian Wilson’s beard? Or Tim Lincecum’s hair? How about wearing a Panda hat and holding the 201 World Series trophy? With the free Humm Baby app for the iPhone you can add a little “Humm” to your favorite photos.

You’ll need to have a photo to manipulate already on your iPhone. To get started, tap “Choose Existing” and then select your photo. Then drag and drop some of the items ( some “Humm”) from the lower panel onto the picture. Use two fingers to increase or decrease the size of the items. When you are finished, select “Save.”

humm-1 humm-2

When the photo has been saved, you have the option to Tweet the image, upload to Facebook, or email it to friends.

humm-4 humm-3

This is a simple, but fun app that good that is sure to supply some laughs to any San Francisco Giants fan. Or, any baseball fan that once to make themselves look like Tim Lincecum or Brian Wilson!

Download Humm Baby app for iPhone or iPod Touch.

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