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Follow Texas High School Football with Friday Night Rivals iPhone App

In Texas, High School football is a big deal. Friday Night Rivals is a mobile app designed for the Texas High School football community to view and share information about their High School football teams.

The idea appears to be to build a community of users who will share game updates and comments with each other. If you’d like to post score updates or comments, you’ll need to create a username and password. Choose teams or games you wish to track and view schedules and any updates during the game.

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In addition to the schedule, you’ll get venue information and a map. You can cast a vote on who you think will win.

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The concept is very cool. It will rely on participation of the fans, coaches, students, and family to make it a top notch app. At the very least, you get an app that provides season schedule and venue information for Texas High School High School Football Teams.

Download Friday Night Rivals – Moxie Labs LLC for iTunes / App Store.

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