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Post Dispatch St. Louis Rams iPhone & Android App

The St. Louis Post Dispatch has released a free app for  iPhone an Android that specifically covers the St. Louis Rams.  It brings all the news, posts, and even video from the Post Dispatch to your mobile device.

Articles are divided into subsections by the Rams, articles by columnists Brian Burwell and Bernie Miklasz, and NFL. All posts are nicely optimized for the iPhone. There is also a Twitter feed for Rams Players and the Rams beat writers.

(all images are from iOS version – Android version may vary slightly)

stl-rams-1 stl-rams-2 stl-rams-4

The app also has a scoreboard, Rams schedule, NFL standings, and Stats. Stats are provided for the entire league and by team and you have to “dig down” to get the Rams stats. Videos appear to be mainly NFL top stories rather than Rams-specific content.

stl-rams-6 stl-rams-3 stl-rams-5

A nicely done app for the most part. One issue is that the columnist articles right now are only intros with no link to a full article. We assume this is a temporary bug that can easily be fixed with an update.

Download Rams Football 2011 from iTunes or the App Store, or from the Android Market.

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