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Watch Every 2011 NFL Game On Demand with NFL Game Rewind

If you’d like watch each and every NFL team each week of the season, the NFL has you covered with NFL Game Rewind. With NFL Game Rewind, every NFL game is available on demand  and commercial-free online. You can’t watch the games live, but if you are willing to wait until the next day to watch games, NFL Game Rewind may be right up your alley.

UPDATE (9/5/2012): Check out our review of the 2012 edition of NFL Game Rewind.

The NFL Game Rewind 2011 Season package will run you $39.99, or you can get the Monthly subscription for $19.99.  When we purchased the NFL Preseason Live package, we were presented with an offer to also buy both the NFL Game Rewind and NFL Game Audio for $10 off the listed rate. This is something to look out for if you are interested in purchasing either of these other products.

What do you get with NFL Game Rewind?

You’ll get every single game of the 2011 NFL regular season on demand, plus the entire archive of games from 2010 and 2009. Sunday games are streamed in High Quality and all games are available the next morning by 6am Eastern, after the conclusion of the Sunday Night game. Night games which are available by noon the next day.

There are a variety of viewing options. Single games view, Double Game View, Quad Game View, and Picture in Picture (PIP).


With any of the viewing modes you can quickly swap windows….


… or go full screen.


Hover your mouse over the screen and you’ll see buttons that allow you to display Stats, Plays, or a Chat window on the right side of the viewer. Select the “X” at the top right to hide the right pane again.


NFL Game Rewind New Features

The changes aren’t major, but the layout did get a refresh. The multiple games view is new in Game Rewind this season. Also, gone from last season is the Social Media Heat Map which I frankly never thought was very worthwhile anyway. One very cool addition is the “Coaches Film.”  With the “Plays” pane visible on the right, you’ll notice the button appear on certain key plays during the game.


This allows you to see certain plays from the coaches film, or “All 22,” view where you can see all 22 players on the field during the play. Once the play is run in “Coaches Film” view, you’ll go directly back to the normal TV broadcast.


Technical Details

A broadband internet connection (DSL/cable or higher) of 750 kbps or higher is needed for NFL Game Rewind. If you have an internet connection speed of 2.0 Mbps or higher and your computer meets the requirements below, you will be able to enjoy NFL Game Rewind at its highest video quality.

Windows PC Requirements

NOTE: It also works just fine for me in the Google Chrome Browser.

MAC Minimum Requirements

For support issues:

Other Important Details

  • NFL Game rewind is UNAVAILABLE DURING SUNDAY NIGHT & MONDAY NIGHT LIVE NFL GAME BROADCASTS. This means you can’t watch NFL Game Rewind on Sunday evenings, or Monday nights.
  • Watching on Multiple PCs at the same time with the same account is restricted.
  • NFL Game Rewind is only available in the United States.
  • NFL Game Rewind season subscription only includes regular season games and does not include 2011 Playoff, Super Bowl, or Pro Bowl games. Playoff subscriptions must be purchased for an additional fee. (Note: 2010 & 2009 NFL Playoffs games are available)


It’s not the same as watching games live, of course, but then again, you can’t watch all the games at one time anyway. This is the third season we’ve invested in NFL Game Rewind and is a really great product for the football junkie, or fan whose schedule doesn’t allow them to watch games live. The quality is very good (assuming you have the proper bandwidth). You may occasionally get some pixelation when the bandwidth drops, but we’ve found that it usually corrects in a few seconds. The picture quality is still quite good even on my 26 inch TV.

How to Get NFL Game Rewind

You can subscribe to Game Rewind at

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  • David Alastair Hayden

    Thanks for the review. I’ve been using this for live preseason. I’m going to get it for the season and just be patient and watch my team the next day.

  • Jay

    Same here. Living in West Virginia, I get plenty of Steelers, Browns and Bengals, but my team is the Jets. I don’t have sattelite anymore, and will gladly wait an extra day to watch my team.

  • Rams#08

    How long do I have to wait once my game has ended before I can watch it on Game rewind?

    • Anonymous

      games are available the next morning by 6am Eastern, with the exception of night games which are available by noon the next day.

  • Faamecanic

    NY Giants fan here living in KY…went to get Direct TV for Sunday ticket but due to the the woods behind my house I have no way to get reception. I cant wait for Direct TV to loose its stranglehold on LIVE game broadcasts. I bet the NFL is kicking itself in the buttocks for locking into such a long term contract when they could have been making GOBS of money for fans to stream games to thier PC, Mac, and tablets.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know that they are kicking themselves necessarily. DirectTV is paying a reported 1 billion per year for the exclusive rights the the NFL Sunday Ticket.

      Last year Direct TV allowed you to get online only access to Sunday Ticket for $350 per year if you lived in a home where you couldn’t get Direct TV. (it sounds like you fall into this category) I haven’t seen an announcement yet as to whether they will offer it again in 2011, but it is part of the last Sunday Ticket deal and is requirement of the NFL starting no later than 2012.

  • GoBears

    Why cant I use the service during a different game (e.g. Monday night)?

    • Anonymous

      When you try to log in during live NFL games, you get a message telling you the service isn’t available until after games have been completed.

      Why do they do it? I can only guess, but probably has something to do with the networks having exclusive rights to NFL game content during those time periods. Either that, or they don’t want NFL products competing with each other. Just guessing, though.

  • Deckard

    Video quality seems a bit elusive for game rewind. At one point game rewind was advertised as “HD,” say before and during the 2009 season. But by current date, the standards term is “High Quality,” which is slightly misleading but probably the truth by technicality.

    For example, the streams are not 1080p, so don’t expect to get that quality of picture – even if you have the hardware to support a 1080p picture. If viewed in full screen mode the picture quality diminishes, it will get pixelated and at times the quality will fluctuate randomly depending upon (kbps) [anywhere from 400 to 3000 kbps]. The 400 to 3000 kbps seems to be the way game rewind defines it’s picture quality.

    But, it’s better than extremely grainy feeds from “free” (illegal) streaming sites. And it’s probably better quality than watching a non-HD digital feed on and HD tv, where the picture quality again is rather fuzzy and pixelated. So, it’s not a total loss.

    • Cowboyfan213

      Don’t know if you have solved this, have it being 3 months later, but I had the same problem. The solution, is to hover your mouse over the “quality” tab below the video. Uncheck the “best available” check box and choose the highest available bit rate. If you’re internet bundle with your ISP is more than 2 mbps, and you’re computer is up to date with all the software, it will play the game in 1080p with no buffering at all really. What a beauty. Also make sure your processer and RAM on your computer can handle the highest bit rate.

  • Guest#

    Does “by 6am” ever mean “before 6am?” I’m wondering if I’ll be able to get a game in before work.

  • gamefan

    Has anyone else noticed that they are playing COMMERCIALS during some NFL REWIND games??? It is supposed to be commercial free! I’ve seen commercials in 2 games for week 3! There were 4 commercials during the 2 minute warning of the NYG-PHI game! NOT GOOD.

    • Jonc67j5

      Can you fast forward through them? If I can get this through my bluray, I’m doing it. I don’t mind a few commercials, better than when they’re live.

  • CoolBlueSteel

    Does anyone know if Game Rewind can be accessed via an iPad or iPhone? This is the clincher for me — but I haven’t been able to find an article anywhere that addresses this service on mobile devices.

    Thanks for your feedback!

    • Anonymous

      No, it’s a Flash-based service, so it’s no-go on iOS. At least, not without hacking/jailbreaking your device.

  • Kurt Diesel

    The 6:00 a.m. rule mentioned on this website is incorrect. NFL rewind allows you to watch all Sunday games after the conclusion of the Sunday night football game, so those of you who are waiting to watch a blacked out game until 6:00 a.m. the next morning are waiting longer than necessary. You can get the real rules at the NFL rewind website

    • Anonymous

      Yes, thank you. They have changed the policy since I’ve published this post. I’ve updated it accordingly.

  • It is disappointing thought that once the season is over you lose access to the regular season games that you have already purchsed access to unless you purchase the playoff and offseason subscriptions also. I believe a subscription should be like any other media subscription: once you buy a newspaper or magazine subscription you do not have to return the paper or magazines when your subscription expires. I believe I should still be allowed to have access to the 2011 regular season games. That is what I bought….access to watch a specific set of games. I was looking foward to purchasing Rewind yearly so that I may be able to watch any past nfl game for years to come. Now it does not seem so worth it. Shame on you nfl for the deception.

  • What they don’t tell you, anywhere!!! is that they cut you off January 6th. Since there is a monthly option I assumed i would have it until next season but they say I should have realized that “regular season games” means YOU CAN ONLY WATCH IT DURING THE REGULAR SEASON.”
    It’s only $20 to get it for the full year but it’s not the point. I’m tired of paying for $11 beers, $20k PSLs and getting ripped off by the NFL on every turn.

    This is class action law suit material. Email at if you agree.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it’s bogus that they don’t offer a year-round subscription. I’ve noticed that they have just recently added the beginning and end date to the subscription products.